This Gallery includes minerals mainly from South Africa and Namibia. South Africa is represented by several specimens from the famous mineral-rich Kalahari Mn Field while Namibia presents specimens from districts as the Erongo Mtns. with its pegmatitic minerals, the Gobobos Mtns. and Tsumeb, perhaps the world's top specimen-producer locality in History with a small selection of specimens including some azurites, cerussites, native coppers and others.


WSAFR-42 - Hematite and calcite

N'Chwaning Mine, Kalahari Mn Field, Kuruman (Northern Cape, South Africa)

Highly lustrous black crystals of hematite to 2 cm. on massive mineral along with several rounded white crystals of calcite. The hematite crystals are undamaged, however a couple of them are lacking, calcite has some cleaved areas.

8.5x6.2x5 - 135 €

MS 5/12



WSAFR-S/N-5 - Descloizite

Berg Aukas Mine, Grootfontein (Namibia)

Large heavy mass of interconnected lustrous brown to reddish crystals, many of the classic "feather" type, of descloizite to about 2.5 cm. across. As seen in the pictures there is some damage as crystals lacking but what can be considered as the top side is relatively clean of damage. A really large wholly crystallized specimen from the classic locality for descloizite.

12.5x8.5x7 - 450 €



WSAFR-S/N-1 - Descloizite

Berg Aukas Mine, Grootfontein (Namibia)

Small cluster of dark brown crystals of descloizite to 1.3 cm. across. Some edges show a greenish translucency when backlit. Undamaged.

1.5x1.5x1 - 11 €

MS 1/12



WSAFR-08/39 - Amazonite

Kleine Spitzkoppe (Namibia)

A loose matrixless microcline variety amazonite crystal of a light green color at the termination and creamy at the prism faces. Undamaged. From a rarely seen locality for amazonite most known for its world-class topaz crystals.

2.7x2x1.6 - 25 €

MS 12/11



WSAFR-02/26 - Aquamarine

Erongo Mtns. (Namibia)

Doubly terminated loose crystal of greenish blue aquamarine, translucent at the terminations and heavily included at center. The prism faces have been lightly etched and present a nice scalloped surface. Tiny black crystals of tourmaline attached. Some contact areas at the back of the crystal.

6.2x4.4x3.7 - 200 €

MS 8/12



WSAFR-01/64 - Tourmaline and quartz

Erongo Mtns. (Namibia)

Group of smoky quartz crystals to 3.5x3.5 cm. forming a parallel cluster with lustrous prismatic terminated black crystals of tourmaline to 2x2 cm. attached. Some white crystals of microcline presented as well. Tourmaline crystals are contacted at left side of the specimen and there is a ding at the back of the termination of the quartz as seen in the right photo.

6.5x6x3.3 - 56 €

MS 6/12



WTSU-11 - Malachite

Tsumeb (Namibia)

Undamaged singly terminated crystals of previous azurite to 5.5x2.5x1.5 cm. replaced by green malachite with a mosaic-like surface. White rhombs of calcite as singles and clusters attached to the malachite crystals as seen in the photos.

6x3.5x3 - Sold

MS 7/12



WTSU-01/68 - Mottramite and smithsonite

Tsumeb (Namibia)

Dark green microcrystals and aggregates of mottramite on a vuggy matrix covered with grey crystalline smithsonite. There are a few crystals of colorless cerussite to 0.3 cm. at the back of the specimen. It is nicer in person than in the pictures since I have been unable to get a better focus.

12.5x9x8 - 130 €

MS 2/12



WTSU-73 - Cerussite

Tsumeb (Namibia)

Lustrous crystals and twins of whitish grey translucent cerussite on a matrix of malachite and altered galena. A couple of small nicks almost unnoticeable, otherwise undamaged.

6x4.5x4 - 75 €

MS 8/12