In this Gallery we present a selection of minerals from the classic British districts of Weardale, Cumbria (formerly Cumberland) and Cornwall. You can find a variety of fluorites, mimetites (variety campilite), hematites, "jack-straw" cerussites, secondary copper minerals and others from these prolific localities.


WGB-SW/3 - Chalcocite

Old Bal Lode, Levant Mine, Trewellard (Cornwall, Great Britain)

Loose cluster of twinned crystals of metallic black chalcocite showing twinning patterns on the surface as seen in the pictures. Minor damage on the edges but a nice 19th Century example from this classic district.

1.6x1.3x0.8 - Sold

MS 1/12



WGB-SW/3 - Calcite

Coronation Lode, Geevor Mine, Pendeen (Cornwall, Great Britain)

A cluster of white tabular hexagonal crystals of calcite to about 8 mm. across forming a cast over another mineral now gone. Dark green thuringite associated at bottom and some tiny golden pyrite scattered on the calcite. Undamaged and interesting.

5.2x3.4x2 - 15 €



WGB-18 - Fluorite and galena

Frazer's Hush Mine, Rookhope, Weardale (Co. Durham, Great Britain)

Highly lustrous purple fluorite crystals and penetration twins to 2.1 cm. coating massive fluorite. Some fluorite crystals are coated by small cubo-octahedral galena crystals. What is more interenting in this specimens is the tiny galena crystals included in the fluorite and forming a layer parallel to the cube faces. One fluorite crystal has a cleaved corner. Highly fluorescent.

9.5x6x3 - 90 €

MS 12/11



WGB-19 - Fluorite and pyrite

Frazer's Hush Mine, Rookhope, Weardale (Co. Durham, Great Britain)

Sandstone matrix coated by small greyish cubes of fluorite to 3 mm. On these stands a group of purple twins and twin aggregates to 2 cm. partly coated by crystalline pyrite. Just a couple of small corners cleaved. Highly fluorescent.

9.8x8x4.5 - 85 €

MS 9/12



WGB-42 - Fluorite and quartz

Heights Quarry, Westgate, Weardale (Co. Durham, Great Britain)

Floater cluster of light purple to gray cubic crystals and penetration twins of fluorite to 2x1.9x1.9 cm. Some crystals are tabular. There is a coating of tiny colorless quartz crystals to 1 mm on part of the specimen. Very little damage in just a few corners. Highly fluorescent.

6x4.8x3.5 - Sold



WGB-29 - Galena and quartz

Smallcleugh Main Flatts, Smallcleugh Mine, Nenthead (Cumbria, Great Britain)

Alston Moor, who has not seen any wonderful mineral from this famous district in old books and museums? One of the classic districts in England, rich in lead, zinc and barium minerals. This specimen consists of a matrix coated by a thin layer of small creamy dolomite crystals on which there are several dull grey cubic galena crystals to almost 3 cm. with octahedral modifications on the corners. Finally there is a coating of white quartz crystals. Some damage at the edges of the specimen but still a good representative example of the district.

10.3x6x4 - 45 €

MS 4/12



WGB-49 - Campylite and baryte

Dry Gill Mine, Caldbeck (Cumbria, Great Britain)

One of the minerals that made Cumbria (formerly Cumberland) a classic mineral district is the mimetite variety campylite found in a variety of forms and colors in this small but world-famous mine. The specimen presented here consists of an aggregate of white baryte plates mostly coated by black psilomelane. On them there is a scattering of small brown to lime-greenish barrel-shape crystals of campylite to 3 mm.

8.5x5.5x4.2 - Sold

MS 7/12



WGB-S/N-4 - Harmotome on calcite

Strontian (Argyllshire, Scotland , Great Britain)

Vein of calcite with brown crystals on the surface to about 0.7 cm. across lightly coated by lustrous white crystals of harmotome to 0.4 cm. long. Some bruising as seen in the pictures.

8.4x6.5x3.8 - 15 €